Important Information for Our Parents

Is your child ready for VBS? If your child has never been to Community VBS, here are some things you can talk about to help your child’s butterflies. When your child arrives at Community VBS, they will be assigned to a crew, up to 5 in preschool and 10 in elementary.  Each crew will have a leader and an assistant who will care and guide the children to the various stations. There will be a lot of people at Community VBS.  We typically have 150 - 200 kids K-5th grade and nearly 100 preschoolers.  Your child will be in the large group at the beginning and the end.  Kids get really excited at VBS, so during the Opening and Closing, expect more loud noises from the children around them to the music in front of them. After the Opening, crews will rotate through various stations such as snacks, crafts, and Bible lesson. At Community VBS, your child will participate in cool mission offering to make a difference in our community and world!

Will my child get to be with his/her friends? When you register your child, there is a section where you can list certain children or volunteers you would like your child to be with.  If you register before May 31, we will do everything we can to grant your requests.  However, if you register in June, we can’t guarantee every child will get to be with who they want to be, but we can try.  The earlier you register, the better the chance your child gets to be with who they want to be. 

Who will my child be crewed with?  In the preschool and elementary, children will be with other children who are their age.  Children who have never gone to kindergarten will be in preschool. Children in elementary will be grouped according to they grade they have just completed.

What if my child has separation anxiety?  “Admittedly, a few years ago my son probably wasn’t ready for VBS,” says VBS Co-Director Kelly Rector.  “He had just turned 3 and really had a rough time.  It was very helpful that I was on staff at VBS, however.  I was close by to give him hugs, talk to him and even transition him back to his group.  My recommendation is to be a volunteer at VBS, if your schedule permits.  We encourage you to volunteer as a Crew Leader or Crew Helper with your child's group.”​

*PLEASE NOTE:  Most children settle down after they get settled into their group and are having fun with the other children.  However, if your child continues to cry for 10-15 minutes, the crew leader will notify a director and the director will contact a parent or caregiver.

How will I pick up my child at the end of the evening? A decision on dismissal will be made in May. We will update this page accordingly.

What if I need to add someone on the pick-up list?  You will need to send a note with your child or personally notify the volunteer at the Registration Desk during VBS week.

What if I need to pick up my child early or bring them late? We understand busy schedules.  You will just need to visit the person at our Registration Desk and we will be able to locate your child or their group.

What if my child can’t come all week?  No problem!  Even if your child can only come to 1 day, that’s ok! 

Can we still register for VBS after it has started?  Yes!  It is never too late to join VBS! 

I have a child who is too old to participate.  Can they help out in anyway?  Absolutely!  Kids 6th grade and up make great volunteers.  Just sign up your older child as a volunteer.  But, I’d also like to encourage you as a parent to volunteer.  VBS is a great opportunity for families to serve and worship together.  

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at